The Summer Glow makeup tutorial for beautiful women over 40 (AND UP) that wish to age as natural as they want by hair & makeup artist Esther van Maanen (48).

She started her career in 1999 and since then she has worked for many national and international magazines like L’Officiel, Vogue and Elle. She travels up and down between New York, Milan and Paris to assist, among others, top hairstylist Luigi Murenu during the international Fashion Weeks. She recently participated in the famous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

I’ve known Esther for many years and worked with her on many photo shoots. A while ago I asked her if she could give me some makeup tips for different occasions. After giving birth to my son at age 40 and my, due to aging, changing skin, I’ve been having some trouble with my old makeup ways. My skin is different from when I was 35, and for instance, my eyelids are starting to lose firmness and cute eyeliners seem to belong to the past, or maybe not?

The 5 “easy to apply yourself” looks Esther gave me, helped me a lot to make slight changes to my own routines. I thought it would be a great idea to show you how Esther applies her own looks on her beautiful self. On the left picture she is wearing no makeup at all, on the right picture you see the result of the look.


ESTHER: “Today a gorgeous summer glow makeup for an outdoor summer evening dinner, or a drink with friends on a nice terrace in town.

This look is very radiant and suitable for a mature skin as it keeps you away from a matte foundation which can make your skin look dull.

Working your foundation in with a beautysponge also helps as it gives you a luminous transparent fresh finish.

Lift your dark shadows and or pigmentations spots with a good concealer, that gives you the right amount of coverage, especially under your eyes: as less product as possible as it quickly sits in your fine lines, which makes you look unnecessary older.

To give your face a little more dimension, sculpt it lightly, add some colour to cheeks, and work with creamy textures that really blend into your skin and become invisible. Finish with a bit of highlighter but again keep away from your lines as it will emphasize them.

Remember that glow is good, shine is too much, when putting it on.

Eyes alway pop out better when using a little kohl near your lashline. When your lashes are not what they were once, and you do not have a proper base for a few layers of mascaara; make this your routine as it gives your eyes good definition.

Then play with the colours of the ICON palette, prime, enhance and smoke, build it. for exemple: warmer copper like colours will make your blue eyes pop out like mine.

Use a fair amount of mascara.

Complete the look with a nice lipgloss like the Hollywood lips, first of course use a lippencil to shape and if necessary cheat a little. Besides giving your lips a bit more volume, it helps the gloss from bleeding up in the fine lines. When putting on your hollywood lips, stay away form the corners of your mouth, as it will become smootchy quickly…

If really necessary finish with a little powder, just to get the excess shine of your T-zone. Keep in mind that this is a summer glow makeup, so shimmer is good.”

For this look Esther used the following products:

Foundation primer ‘radiance’ by Laura Mercier
Silk creme moisturizing foundation by Laura Mercier
Large beautysponge by Esther van Maanen
Flawless fusion concealer by Laura Mercier
Mini beautysponge by Esther van Maanen
Sleep oil by TAN-LUXE
Lady blush by MAC
Cream colour base midtone sepia , hush by MAC
Brow duo sketch & intensify by Laura Mercier
The ICON palette by Charlotte Tilbury
Rock ’n kohl pencil by Charlotte Tilbury
Mascara black by Ellis Faas
Lip cheat pencil pink venus by Charlotte Tilbury
Hollywood lips cannes tropez by Charlotte Tilbury



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