Styling Tips for Thin and Fine Hair

Styling Tips for Thin and Fine Hair

Today I’m going to share my do’s for fine and thin hair with you. Fine & thin hair needs some extra attention and if you follow my suggestions it will make the styling easier for you.
If you have questions or suggestions, please write me and I will be happy to help you.
The most women underestimate the effect of a good shampoo, but exactly there the care for thin hair starts. If your shampoo is too heavy for your hair, it’s going to be so difficult for you to built up volume. Each hair is different, so you have to try some products before you find the best for you. Further down I will list the shampoo I used for my friend. It contains a little oil, but this one will not make the hair heavy.
I have seen a lot of women drying their hair and try later to built up volume with tons of hairspray.There is an easier way and actually you will need much less product. Help your hair when its still dump with Anti Gravity and Hair Resort spray. As a result you will get a nice texture and a soft natural styling. You will love the smell 🙂
When you color your scalp, be careful that you don’t use too dark colors. to apply the eyeshadow you can use your fingertips as well.
I would love to hear, if you tried some of my tips. Please let me know 🙂
Thank you for your time

These are the hair products I used:

US Shampoo Kevin Murphy angel wash
Europe Shampoo Kevin Murphy angel wash
US Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity
Europe Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity
US Kevin Murphy Hair Resort spray
Europe Kevin Murphy Hair Resort spray
US Invisibobble
Europe Invisibobble

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