Spooky Trick or Treat Nails!!!

Spooky Trick or Treat Nails!!!

Welcome to NerdyNails Halloween spooktacular and Today I’m going to show you how to create these Spooky Trick or Treat!

Tools you will need / Useful tools to have!
~ Tooth Pick or Paint Brush! :

~ Nail Dotter Or a head of a pin Or a Booby Pin! :

~ Stamper Kit (stamper and scraper) :

~ MoYou London: Festive 15 Nail Plate :

~ Nail Mat –

~ Makeup Sponge:

Liqud Latex (cuticle procters): %2Blatex&th=1

Latex free (cuticle procters) :

The Brands I used!

~ Red ——– Champneys (Ruby)

~ Black —–

~ Anti-Smudge Topcoat —–

~ Base and Top used in video: Pro -FX: Found in Walmart.

—————————Other good Base & Top coats ——————————–

~ Base coat (UNT) :

~ Top coat (MoYou Smudge Resistant):

~ Quick dry top coat (Sally Hansen):

The nail art life can be pretty expensive, here are a few quick tips if you wanna save those Doller Doller bills.
1. Look out for deals. Here two Deals I can offer.

Moyou refer a friend scheme:
Moyou is giving 10% off on all products if your a new customer! just use my refer a friend link: fs.cc/6HqY1bu9?u=1545075863211

Maniology Refer a Friend Scheme:
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2. Google for any coupons codes ( You can find normally one! )

3. Amazon is a good starting point! BUT make sure you read the product reviews to get a good idea of the quality of the product, But most time I’ve brought from Amazon it has been fine!

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