Nail Growth And Cutting My Stiletto Nails (time lapse)

Nail Growth And Cutting My Stiletto Nails (time lapse)

PLEASE READ: I got so much hate because I cut my nails at the end! Let me explain and I hope that it makes sense! So the majority of my nails were broken (mainly on my right hand), I fixed them for month with glue/ nail tips and I was so tired of it! I wanted to cut them so badly! I had a few nails which were still fine and I demonstrated the cutting on these since I didn’t want to show the “ugly/ damaged” nails! Is it a crime to cut long nails? Those are my nails and I can decide to cut them even if they were all healthy! Please stop hating!

NOTE: I didn’t forget “week 2”, I deleted it on my camera by accident!

Hi my loves! Finally here is my promised nail growth video! I have filmed my nails every Friday (there were some exceptions) for 16 weeks ! I really wanted to place my nails on the same spot every time but it was very hard for different reasons! I did my best and I hope you like it!
After 14/ 15 weeks two nails started to break and at some point I just wanted to have a “fresh start”! I have filmed the part where I cut my nails! It’s not that spectacular but I thought it would be fun to show you! I always cut my nails after about 16 weeks! I love the growing process since I can do nail designs on different nail length!
So enjoy the video and don’t forget to like it if you do like it! 😀
xoxo Sarah

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