My Curly Hair Routine with Micro Link Hair Extensions

My Curly Hair Routine with Micro Link Hair Extensions

**This video is raw and made to show you how it looks to have micro links with out a perm. I’m showing you how mirco-link extensions really look on natural 3b-4a type hair. Yes, I have 3 different curl textures on my head. Natural hair is already a lot to manage and while this type of hair extension is not easier or less work than others I tried it and it is possible if you want to go that route. I personally think mirco links work best on straight hair, but either way they still have to be maintainedThis video was filmed right before I took the extensions out safely. You can see that my hair has clearly grown a couple inches. Also a lot of my links had been removed, from slipping. Please note that at the end of this video my hair, nor the extensions, are not dry. As the extensions dry they do get bigger. Check out this video to see my hair dry and styled: **

In this video, I show you how I take care of my natural hair while having micro link hair extensions installed.

The most important part is detangling. Curly hair links to tangle up so make sure to detangle your hair at the roots!

Check out my last video where I review these hair extensions:

& be sure to check out the company, Boho Exotic Studio on their website for more info:

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