MASKCARA MAKEUP with your foundation palette [New Tips] 2018

MASKCARA MAKEUP with your foundation palette [New Tips] 2018

Are you ready to use you Maskcara makeup? Being one of the top color matching experts with Maskcara Beauty, I walk you through how to HAC your face (highlight and contour) with your foundation palette. I even have some key tips and tricks with my nose contouring brush and the detail hac brush.
I set you up with what is needed in your foundation palette (also known as your Maskcara Makeup Kit). Maskcara is a iiid foundation to help give your face dimension like it already has. Your face isn’t flat, so your makeup shouldn’t be either. Your makeup is matched to your exact skin tones by me; your Maskcara Beauty Independent Artist. No more not knowing what color is best for you at the grocery store or any store for that matter. Your Makeup Palette will be set up with a highlight color (possibly 2, depending on your skin)
a contour
a lip & cheek
and an illuminator
You can choose to add more to your palette that can include your eyes, powders, as well as more lip and cheek colors. So many options. All up to you.
Is HACing something you’ve done before? Is it something you need help with? Comment below, I’d love to know.
To get color matched and do not know how watch this video

and how to take the best picture for your color match watch this quick video

to get color matched check out and I will get you matched up for your complexion

please message me at jocelyn@fitmissionmakeup or on Instagram at

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