MANicure At Home – How To Take Care Of Your Nails, Hands & Cuticles Like A Well-Groomed Gentleman

MANicure At Home – How To Take Care Of Your Nails, Hands & Cuticles Like A Well-Groomed Gentleman

Learn how to take care of your nails, cuticles, and hands in our written and illustrated MANicure guide here:

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Watch this video to find out the most common nail clipping mistakes:

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When I say manicure, I mean, a quick proper treatment of your nails that keeps your hands healthy and makes you look well-groomed and dapper so it fits the rest of your outfit.

Tools you need:
The basic set includes a nail clipper, a cuticle clipper, and a nail file.

Basic Grooming Routine: Manicure with these 3 tools:

1. Using the nail clipper, clip slowly and in small steps, along your nail bed so a little edge of white remains.

2. Use the cuticle clipper to get rid any hangnails which are little pieces of skin or nail that stand-off in a weird way

3. Use the file. First, use the rougher side and you hold it perpendicular to your nail. Filing off all the rough edges.

4. Use the tip of your file and remove any dirt that you may have underneath your nails.

If you want to step up, you can get a longer nail file and a buffing block as well as a cuticle tool or a cuticle pusher that helps you keep your cuticles intact and just create a very nice look on your nails.

1. Clip your nails, be slow, use three to four steps and make sure you stay along the natural curve of your nail and leave some white.

An optional step here is to soak your fingers in water beforehand. It makes your nails softer and makes the clipping much easier.

2. Use the cuticle pusher and push back your cuticles gently. Once you’ve done that, use the opposite pointy end of your cuticle pusher and remove the dry skin or the dirt around your cuticles.

3. Use the cuticle clippers and clip off any hangnails.

4. Use the file. Usually, you have a rougher side and a finer side. However, I suggest you start with a finer for your fingernails and the rougher one for your toenails.

The advantage of having a long file versus a small file is that you have a better angle, you’re quicker and you can just get to that cracks better.

5. Use a buffing block which is a very fine sand grip. It’s fantastic to smoothen out the edges of your nails without hurting them and without creating any deep grooves.

6. Use the pointed end of the cuticle tool and remove any dirt that remains underneath your nails or around the skin so you have a well-groomed nail by then.

Personally, at the very end, I like to give my nails a little bit of oil and I use nice quality hand cream.

Common Ailments:
1. Biting your nails. Not only that it looks very immature but you also get rough edges and your nails become shorter over time.
2. Cracked cuticles that are dry.
3. Discolored nails either from smoking a lot they get that yellow tint.
4. Lifting of nails, splitting, or excessive grooving.

Most importantly, every man can have well-groomed, strong nails and fingers and all you need is a few simple tools. Just a quick routine, it takes about 10 minutes.

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