LASH TECH TIPS & TRICKS – Corrective Styling

LASH TECH TIPS & TRICKS – Corrective Styling

Let me start by saying that not every eye will need to be “corrected” and even when some seem to need correcting to us, the artist, maybe the client loves the shape of their eyes and want to roll with it or do something completely different.
This is something you will learn in your consultation. You can ask questions like “what do you like most about your eyes”, etc to get a feel for what they want.
Most of the time they will reply with “I don’t know, I trust you to do whatever you like but I like… (could be natural or dramatic or classic/ hybrid or volume)- at this point you work your magic and correct the areas you believe need correcting.
In the case they need it, you’re usually attempting to achieve the look of an “almond” shape. In this video we give 4 examples of different eye shapes that could use correction of some sort in certain areas.
This goes much further than just the shape though, let’s take face shape and eyebrows into consideration when mapping as well!
If any of this seems a little foreign or confusing, feel free to comment below with any questions you may have- we LOVE chatting lashes ❤️