Join the Club! Fashion Tips from a Private Eye by Ellen Byerrum

Join the Club! Fashion Tips from a Private Eye by Ellen Byerrum

Join the Club! Sometimes we want to dress to show off, make a splash, stand out in the crowd. But there are times when you need to simply fit in, be part of the scene, and NOT stand out. Like a private eye who goes undercover, sometimes you need to “join the club” in order to fit into your social surroundings and hide in plain sight. Join me this Fashion Bites Friday for some tips from a famous private investigator who was a master of the art of joining his quarry’s club in order to bag the bad guys.

I’m Ellen Byerrum, the author of the bestselling Crime of Fashion Mystery series. My murder mysteries combine comedy, mystery, romance and fashion, and they feature Lacey Smithsonian, a fashion reporter who solves serious crimes with fashion clues in Washington, DC — The City That Fashion Forgot. Welcome to my channel, Ellen Byerrum’s Fashion Bites, where I offer brief humorous bites of fashion and style advice for REAL women — because fashion can be MURDER! I also talk about my books, my adventures in fashion and style, and my life as a mystery writer.

Everyone is invited to my costume party, because everyone wears clothes, right? Everyone wants to look their best and tell the story they want to tell with what they wear. Visit weekly for new Fashion Bites, and I welcome your comments. Subscribe and I’ll see you soon!


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