How to use oVertone Deep Treatment – Featuring our new Sample Sizes

How to use oVertone Deep Treatment – Featuring our new Sample Sizes


Deciding on a hair color (or a few) is HARD AF. We get it. That’s why we made sample sizes! These minis are perfect for low-commitment creativity. Our color-depositing conditioners work on all hair types AND on natural hair extensions! For this demo, we used VP Fashion hair extensions to try out Vibrant Pink. Watch our video to see how to apply our Deep Treatment conditioner so you can get the shade of color that’s perfect for you!

Check out our suggestions below for ideas on how to use your Sample Size Deep Treatment:

Want to test out a hue that’s new to you? Grab a Deep Treatment sample and use it to perform a strand test on a small section of hair. Two ounces isn’t going to be enough to color the average head of hair, but it will be plenty to do a few strand tests and work out what the color will look like on you.

Want to create a custom color? Our samples are perfect for mixing in with your regular oVertone Deep Treatment shade to make a color that’s all your own!

Got dip-dyed ends? Maybe a small hidden panel of hair or just a few ribbons or color? 2 oz. Sample Sizes are a good amount to color just those small portions.

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