How to start 2020 with longer hair | the "clumping" method

How to start 2020 with longer hair | the "clumping" method

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Can you believe we’re nearly 3/4 of the way through 2019? At the beginning of the year, many of us set new hair’s resolutions so that we could finally achieve the #hairgoals we didn’t last year. (Some of us also said we’d work out more but I know that’s a touch subject). In case your motivation has faultered, don’t fret. Here’s one way to start start 2020 with 2 more inches of hair! You won’t need to go out and buy anything either!

Put your hair into twists and maintain the sections. It’s one thing to sport your hair in twists and avoid manipulating it on a daily basis. You’ve probably done that before. Heck, you may even keep your ends tucked as well to prevent wear and tear. But if you really want to ramp up your retention, you have to target the steps in the styling process that do the remaining harm: sectioning and detangling.

If you’re serious about retaining two more inches this year, try this:
1. Plait the base of your twists and then twist as usual. You can do loose, regular or rope twists. I’ve linked a video that explains the difference between the three.
2. Cleanse you hair as needed with clay, mud, dry shampoo, conditioner or something I haven’t heard of yet.
3. This is the crucial step. When it’s time to untwist, leave your roots plaited and clumps clumped
4. Don’t stop there. There’s no need to separate the clumps you got from your twists. Instead, treat yourself to a few days of a twistout, and then aim for extended wear of your stretched clumped hair. Buns and other updos are ideal for this.
5. When you’ve had enough of your clumped tresses, you can gently separate the clumps, wash and condition as necessary and retwist your tresses. This is the most important step. Having you hair in prepared sections that have stayed clumped will result in hair that is less knotty

In case you want more information on this
– I’ve been abusing clumped sections of my hair for years and they’ve stood me in good stead
– Once you’re working with clumps, you may want to stretch your hair at night. I have a video that explains this.
– It’s fine to do do a jumbo/tutu-plait

Videos in which Kinmaytube and Efficiently Natural have spoken about retaining partings (they don’t use plaits at the base though):

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