HOW TO BECOME A FASHION BLOGGER | Tips to Growing & Leaving Your Mark

HOW TO BECOME A FASHION BLOGGER | Tips to Growing & Leaving Your Mark

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a fashion blogger or social media influencer? As someone who quit her full-time job to pursue her passions and grow her platform, I decided it was time to share my tips and tricks to becoming a fashion blogger. From ways to stand out on social media, to budgeting money, and growing your network- becoming a fashion blogger is more than having followers, it’s about standing out, building a community, and sharing your voice with the world.




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About Caroline: Caroline Vazzana is a fashion editor, stylist, influencer, and the author and founder of “Making it in Manhattan.” She began writing her book back in 2015 while working at InStyle magazine, and subsequently launched her brand as one of New York City’s most colorful influencers. Through Making it in Manhattan, Caroline shares her tips & tricks and sheds light on the industry to the future fashion generation. Today, aside from running, Vazzana is also involved in a wide range of social media brand collaborations and campaigns where she’s able to lend her unique eye, voice, style, and message to a multitude of brands. Vazzana is often referred to as a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw.

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