How to apply UV nail gel like a pro | Fast Application & filing tutorial

How to apply UV nail gel like a pro | Fast Application & filing tutorial

How to apply UV nail gel like a pro? This is a small part of my “Need for speed. Nail sculpting” webinar. You can watch full webinar for free by registering at

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UV gel application:
1.Prep the nail
2. Fit the form
3. Apply dehydrator, wait until it dries
4. Apply Primer
5. Apply a very thin layer of the gel only on the natural nail. Cure for 30 seconds in UV lamp or 10 seconds LED.
6. Create a foundation – apply small amount of gel on the form and create desired length and shape. Cure for 2 min in UV (or 1 min LED).
7. Take a pig drop of gel and apply it starting from the cuticle. ure 1 minutes in UV (half curing time).
8. Pinch the nail using gel clamp
9. Cure for another 1 minute.
10. Take off sticky layer.
11. File and shape, buff the nail.
12. Apply Go Color, one layer is enough. Cure for 1 minute in LED.


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♡Products used in this video:
NSI Body Builder Cover pink warm gel
NSI Nail pure plus
NSI Balance Bond
Harmony gel brush #5
Endurance files
NSI Go color “On my way up” (Pink-Red)

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