Fashion & Art Student Admission Tips

Fashion & Art Student Admission Tips

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This will be a future blog. Some tips for fashion and art students applying to schools:

1) Research your school to see the type of program it is: conceptual, trade, skill-focused, business school?
2) Develop your math skills. If fashion, there will be measurements and scaled models to reference through your career. Practice converting fractions, measurements, and decimals. If necessary, have a tutor, or learn how you best learn math.
3) Writing skills. Read! Practice! Use the dictionary! Language skills are part of your branding, the first thing people think of when reading your mission statement.
4) Networking: This also wasn’t taught to me in psychology. People don’t know your brand or services if they haven’t met you, or if you haven’t put yourself out there. Figure out comfortable, yet achievable ways to reach people in your industry. Build relationships. The referrals will come. People want to know what you offer and who you are first.
5) Email & Etiquette: A well-written email and thank yous go a long way in a sea of people who aren’t grateful for connections. Stand out with that extra five minutes.
6) Learn how to sew. In fashion merchandising, there are components for knowing how to sew to a degree. Even if you don’t plan to make large garments, or sew in the future, knowing this process helps you understand how to expand your vocabulary and collaborate with those who will be sewing. It will help in the future as a business leader.


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