DIY AYURVEDIC SPA! Fenugreek hair mask + Ayurvedic skincare

DIY AYURVEDIC SPA! Fenugreek hair mask + Ayurvedic skincare

OPEN ME! Need a night to relax? today I show you how to make a fenugreek hair mask (great for dandruff and promoting hair growth) and a fenugreek facial (great for brightening the skin). I also do a little facial using Shankara skincare, which is a natural/organic Ayurvedic skincare line that is specifically formulated for each of the doshas (vatta, pitta, kapha). I was inspired to make this video because me and my brother are planning to go to an Ayurveda health retreat! So I have been looking for health and beauty remedies. I hope you enjoy the video! Give it a like if you do 🙂

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SHANKARA Ayurvedic Skincare (coupon down below):

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1/4 cup Fenugreek seeds:
2 Cups filtered water
2 TBS Virgin Coconut Oil:
Half a lemon or Lime
Baking soda (optional):

Electronic Scalp Massager:

Fenugreek seeds:
Rose Nectar:

Video that I got the hair mask from:

FTC: This video is not sponsored, however the skincare was kindly gifted to me.