Be the HOTTEST guy at the PARTY – 4 Looks for 4 Types of Parties | BeerBiceps Party Fashion

Be the HOTTEST guy at the PARTY – 4 Looks for 4 Types of Parties | BeerBiceps Party  Fashion

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Science of Matching COLOURS In your outfit :

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What’s good you guys! In today’s New Year’s Party special video we’re talking style and fashion for Indian men, ONCE again. This is my ultimate guide to ALL kinds of parties :

1.Formal parties or office parties or COLLEGE &SCHOOL FAREWELLS

2.Semi Formal look for a lounge party or a birthday or anniversary party

3.House party or clubbing fashion to stand out in a casual party setting

4. Day time party dressing – What to wear to a Sunday Brunch or a Pool Party or a DAY TIME EVENT!

We’re covering everything from the shirts you can wear to what kind of pants to wear with your outfit to even the shoes obviously. this is your ultimate guide to looking the BEST at any party or event you attend. The ultimate style tips and fashion guide for parties in India. This party dressing tips video will cover EVERY question you’ve ever had about what to wear for a party! How to dress WELL for Indian men, CONTINUED!

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