[ASMR] Makeup 101 – For the Beginners

[ASMR] Makeup 101 – For the Beginners

*QUICK EDIT* My eyebrow facts around minute 3 are WAY OFF wtf were you thinking Gibi. Note here for proper eyebrow shaping: or, be smart and go to a professional and don’t even bother touching your own brows!!! This video was shot a few months ago actually and since then, I’ve left my eyebrows alone and let the professionals handle them, and they’re looking much better than they do here in this video. Yikes!

Welcome to this longggg video on Makeup 101, by someone who isn’t that good at makeup!!!!!!!!!! This is advice that I would give to my friends who have NEVER worn makeup before, NOT someone who is familiar with makeup and knows what the heck they’re doing already LOL. Watching this back has me cracking up realizing that I am pretty much trash at makeup so you actually might want to fall asleep to this one and not listen too closely…

Timestamps are in progress! (if you post them in the comments, I’ll pin you! :))

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