5 Makeup Tricks For Acne (how to cover acne marks and feel comfortable in your skin)

5 Makeup Tricks For Acne (how to cover acne marks and feel comfortable in your skin)

In today’s video I share 5 makeup tricks for acne (how to cover acne marks and feel comfortable in your skin).

I know that many internet sources tell you not to stop wearing makeup “because it will cause breakouts” but this is only true with badly formulated makeup.

I also answer the question: is it okay to wash your face again after work before reapplying a fresh face of makeup a second time?

Watch this video to learn what kind of makeup is best for amazing acne coverage when healing acne, and how to look and feel super polished, comfortable, and confident even with some pimples.

Let me know which tip is your fave in the comments below!

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