Hello all of my beauties!! So I decided that I wanted to make a video series made specifically for transgender women and their allies! I went ahead and broke up the series into four different episodes.

First Video: “The Most Comfortable Way to Tuck”

Second Video: “5 Makeup Tips for Trans Women”:

Third Video: “5 Fashion Tips for Trans Women”

Fourth Video “Tips for Trans Allies”

So in the third video I am giving all of you beautiful ladies some fashion tips!! I start off by talking about how your hair can make you appear a lot more feminine and why healthy hair is important. In the second tip, I talk about how Dangle Earrings are a trans girls best friend!! In my third tip, I talk about how wearing a turtleneck isn’t necessarily the best thing to wear even if you are trying to cover up a Adam’s Apple! In the fourth tip, I talk about wearing heels!! Everyone needs a pair of heels!! In the fifth tip I talk about the kind of nails that you should wear!! Also, I might have have a surprise tip at the end of the video so you’ll have to watch the whole video to figure out what it is! 😉

I believe that these videos are going to add a lot of value to your life so I hope you learn something from them!


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