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Taking good care of our selves plays a huge part in our beauty routine. Besides our appearance is the first impression we give to people who are just meeting us for the first time, and first impressions matter a lot. Our overall beauty and how much effort we put into looking gorgeous can give an either positive or a negative vibe to people, but not everyone has all the time and money to invest in their beauty routine, and that is why we are here. In this video, we are sharing with you some amazing beauty tips that will make you look as beautiful and gorgeous as you really feel.

If you are after the perfect french manicure but you have no idea how to achieve it and no time to tools to use the white manicure, we show you the best hack. Simply add some white nail polish on the side of your hand, and then using the tip of your fingers slide it through just as we demonstrate in the video. This way you’ll have a perfect french manicure in no time without having to spend a lot of time or money to get the perfect nail design.

If you are looking for a new nail design that will make your nails stand out we have the best hack for you. We show you how to achieve beautiful watercolor nail designs that resemble abstract painting patterns that you will fall in love this. This trick is ideal if you are looking to add some color to your white nail polish and you’d also to make it look more fun even if you are just starting out as a nail artist. It is very easy to do and the result is just to die for. The only thing you’ll need is some markers and some rubbing alcohol.

When it comes to getting our nails done, it can be quite annoying when we try to remove the nail polish and it just doesn’t come off, especially when we have to have our nails painted for just one night or on a special occasion. So, in this video we show you how you can create your peel-off manicure that can come off super fast and easy, Simply take some PVA glue and coat your nails with it, then, paint with the nail polish of your choice, and once you want to remove the manicure you just can peel it off.

Watch our whole video to discover all of the amazing beauty hacks that we have for you that will save you a ton of time in the morning. We show you many different ways to tie a scarf so that you can wear the same clothes if you have to and by trying out different scarf looks you can turn your day clothes into a night outfit.

0:44 – Beautiful watercolor nail design
1:18 – DIY peel-off manicure
2:31 – How to grow your nails faster
3:37 – The perfect french manicure
4:10 – How to solve your fashion emergencies
4:58 – Fix slipping socks
6:09 – How to fix boots that are too loose
7:14 – How to fix slippery shoes
8:03 – DIY matte top coat
8:45 – Beautiful gradient nail design
9:15 – How to fix a broken nail
10:35 – Ways to tie a scarf
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