1920's HAIRSTYLE FOR LONG HAIR TUTORIAL || & 1920's Makeup

1920's HAIRSTYLE FOR LONG HAIR TUTORIAL || & 1920's Makeup

1920’s HAIRSTYLE FOR LONG HAIR TUTORIAL || & 1920’s Makeup
Hello everyone!
In today’s video I have a tutorial on how to do a nineteen twenties hairstyle with long hair. Flappers of the roaring 20’s cut their hair short, but not everyone did. Some had their hair in updos such as buns, or here is a faux bob with rag curl ringlets, inspired by people such as Mary Pickford, Lillian Gish, photos of girls at the beach or at beauty pageants. I also added a scarf to tie around my head.
This could also work as a 1910’s young girl’s hairstyle.

For makeup I kept it pretty simple, day time makeup. There were plenty of women who didn’t wear makeup at all, although many wore makeup we have to keep in mind that not everyone was as bold and makeup was still new to being socially acceptable.

Even though I wasn’t necessarily going for a flapper girl look I decided to wear my (20’s dead-stock) stockings as the flappers would of done, rolled down under their knees (flapper girls started rebelling against wearing girdles & corsets by rolling their stockings down, instead of pulling them up attached to the garter straps).
The outfit reminds me of something that would be worn to the beach or the dress reminds me of a 1920’s tennis dress, I guess the flappers would have to put their stockings back up for that..

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