13 Makeup Mistakes That Actually MAKE YOU LOOK OLDER!

13 Makeup Mistakes That Actually MAKE YOU LOOK OLDER!

Worst makeup mistakes that make you look old! These bad makeup errors will make you look like you’ve aged rather than making you look younger

13. Wearing foundation that doesn’t match your skin- Wearing foundation that doesn’t look natural to your face and neck is quite noticeable and may give the illusion that you’re just a floating head! When you go too dark, you end up dragging your features instead of highlighting them. Plus, you’re also adding a heaviness and dullness that can age you. If your foundation is too light, it can make your skin appear lifeless and flat. Instead of a natural tone, it will look like your makeup is just sitting on your face. When testing out a new foundation, do no blend it in too much. Lightly tap it on your face starting from your cheekbone to your jawline. Be careful not to choose a light or dark color than your skin tone. If you are already tan on your body and neck, you can incorporate that color on your face with a light bronzer. Remember the most important step is to blend everything together to make it look natural.

12. Selecting a lipstick that is too dark- As you get older, you lose fullness in your lips. So to keep your lips looking plump, you’ll want to wear a lip shade that adds body. However, sporting a dark color does the opposite and actually makes your lips look less highlighted and smaller. So, choose a color in a pink or nude shade. You can also opt to add a layer of lipgloss if you like, although many girls feel that lipstick feels too sticky on the lips, but a shiny coat does add to a youthful look. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to completely steer away from trying darker shades since wine and berry hues are a popular choice for fall and winter. Go for a sheer tone, lip stain or hydrating formula and avoid lipsticks with a matte finish or a thick texture because a dry finish will stay flat on your lips and make them look smaller.

11. Not wearing sunscreen on your hands and chest area- There are many SPF-infused makeup products on store shelves. While most of us remember to wear sunscreen on our face, not wearing sunscreen on your hands and chest can speed up the aging process. Your chest, neck, and hands are exposed to the sun on an everyday basis, and we tend to forget about them. But these are the spots where we see a lot of wrinkles and brown spots. Despite a youthful appearance on your face, your hands can be a dead giveaway of your real age. Back in 2013, an Australian study found that women who applied sunscreen on their hands every day showed no signs of aging even after four years. Aside from using regular sunscreen, a moisturizer can also help your skin to look and feel soft.


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