✅ When To Trim Your Hair? – Hair Growth Tips

✅ When To Trim Your Hair? – Hair Growth Tips

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ In this video, I’ll be covering how often we should be getting our hair trimmed in contrast to our hair goals and I’m also taking you to the hairdresser with me to actually get a trim as I’m due :).

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Hey guys and welcome back to my channel my name is Thomas if you’re brand new here and I make styling here related videos every single week here on YouTube, so if that’s your kind of thing make sure you hit the subscribe button and come back every single week. Now speaking of trims I do get this question quite a lot I get a lot of people asking me how often should I go and get a trim while I’m growing my hair out or just in general how often should I go and get a trim.

The answer is it actually depends on the situation that you’ve got with your hair right now. If you’re looking to maintain your hair length getting a cut out or a trim every four to six weeks is ideal for this.

However if you’re growing your hair out, a professional will recommend that you can wait like four to six months before you get your first trim during growing out out process and then getting a trim every six to twelve weeks after that because obviously you’re growing the hair out you don’t want to be trimming it too often because you’re not gonna get any more length on it, right?

But because I like to break the rules all the time lol… Ever since I’ve been growing my hair out, I’ve just been getting the top part trimmed because I used to have a disconnected undercut and I’ve just completely left the sides and it’s been about what a year in two months now since I’ve had a trim on the sides.

I also don’t think I will be getting a trim on the sides until all of my hair length matches. So today when I go to the hairdresser, we’re going down to Phoenix and fire hair, which is Josh’s salon, I’m just gonna literally show you guys what I ask for when I go to the hairdresser’s and you can just kind of see how I handle it and I also thought you guys would like it.

I hope this answers your question about when to get a trim. Just remember, you have to depict where you are in your growth cycle.
a) Are you happy with your hair length right now?
b) Are you still continuing to grow Your hair?

That’s what will give you an indication of when you should be going and getting your trims. Take it from me, you should not avoid going and getting a trim because it is very important to contributing to your hair’s health.

When you leave the ends for too long they do start to split. The longer you leave a split ends the further up the hair the damage travels and completely fucks it up.

So just keep in mind that trimming is very important and I can’t wait to take you down to the hairdresser’s with me! Enjoy!

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